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New entry in rosa: arrive the Prosecco Doc Rosé

19 OCTOBRE 2020

“Wine for us is also the story of the territory, of our Friuli, and it is a deep joy and satisfaction to know it has been awarded once again with such an important prize. An award that goes to us, but also and above all to our team, because Vigneti Le Monde is really a family affair”. This is how Marta and Alex Maccan comment the news of the Tre Bicchieri for the Gambero Rosso Wine Guide 2021 awarded to their 2019 Pinot Bianco, one of the most brilliant expressions of Friuli terroir and of the company’s commitment. It was also awarded the Prize for the Best Quality-Price Ratio of the 2021 Guide, with the noble motivation of being “a great wine that can be enjoyed every day”. An award that gives deep satisfaction also because it comes as a natural response to a precise business strategy, which over the years has seen a preference for an investment on the product and its quality, rather than on wild advertising. Substance, preferred over empty aesthetics, which comes from respect for the territory and sustainability of production. A work that rewards in the long run, “even more in a period like the current one – underlines Massimo Furlan, export manager and director of the winery – in which many buyers have to downsize their purchasing portfolio, preferring products with a good quality-price ratio, easier and stronger to position on the market”.

A Pinot Bianco vinified in purity, for a DOC Friuli that tells, under the aegis of the lion of Vigneti Le Monde, all the complexity of a frontier territory such as Prata di Pordenone. One foot still in Veneto, the roots firmly planted in the clayey soil at the base of the Friulian mountains, there where the choice of pursuing integrated cultivation makes Nature help itself. The result in the bottle is a wine of great character – just like the people of these lands – which already captivates the eye with its golden reflections and tickles the nose with ripe exotic fruit, yellow peach and definitely conquers it with the perturbing finish of sweet spices. On the palate it is velvety, warm and proves to be an extremely versatile companion: lean appetizers and delicate first courses, fish, but also allows itself, without fear of disfigurement, to accompany a tasty roast beef.

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