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New entry in rosa: arrive the Prosecco Doc Rosé

16 MARCH 2020

2020 was an important year for the Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco Doc, a year that saw the arrival, after much effort, of an important goal: the modification of the production regulations with the now historic addition of Prosecco Doc Rosé. A watershed that does not change the reality, but recognizes it and gives it dignity, strong in the increasingly strong trend that sees Italian rosé wines at the center of the world scene. An expansion of the Prosecco Doc universe which, as of today, also corresponds to that of the Vigneti Le Monde family, whose ranks have been enriched by the new Prosecco Doc Rosé. Fresh, cheerful and joyful as a debutante, this wine deeply talks about the territory and about the winery itself. Of the desire to bring in the world Friuli, its characteristics, its Prosecco. Of the young and dynamic essence of a winery which invests on itself and chooses to strengthen its presence in the global market. It speaks, above all, of the desire to study and understand what the consumer wants, in order to be able to tell him the best of its identity.

Prosecco Doc Rosé of Vigneti Le Monde, like all its brothers, is a reference of high quality value. Born from a more than lucky encounter between Glera and Pinot Noir – mother vineyard of the other beloved rosé of the winery fleet, here present up to 15% of the total blend -, it succeeds in keeping together the freshness which made Prosecco famous in the world, with the refinement and depth of Pinot. A dual but balanced soul, for a brilliant and tenacious wine, just like its perlage. The bouquet is as delicate as the bouquet of flowers of a girl at her first outing in society: wild strawberries, currants, raspberries, cherries. On the palate it dances like a fox trot: elegant and lively at the same time.

Born from integrated agriculture, like all the labels of the company, brings in the glass a straightforward result, definitely high-end, from the point of view of quality, but always with the maniacal attention to value for money that characterizes Vigneti Le Monde. Delicate and lively, in the glass you will find an accomplice and transversal product, suitable from aperitif with smoked salmon to seafood risotto, passing through the whole range of crudités typical of our tradition.  

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