Centred around people

In the words of the owner, Alex Maccan, "We don't do what we do for the plaudits
of our profession. If critics endorse our products, that's great news, but truly,
we do what we do at Le Monde for all wine drinkers - for everyone - for the people".

Our wine,
our territory

Vigneti Le Monde, renowned nationally and internationally for the distinct character and high quality of its wines, expresses the typical terroir of Friuli Venezia Giulia with passion and creativity.

Respect for the land and appreciation for the natural heritage, combined with dedication to producing high quality wines, represent the philosophy of Vigneti Le Monde and its expert team.

A distinctive characteristic not only of the Estate and its products but also of Friuli and its people.

Come and discover the area and the marvels it has to offer, starting with the people, who make this a special place to experience history and plan for a better future.

An Estate dedicated to winegrowing

Vigneti Le Monde is located in an area of Friuli that features particular soils,
making it ideal for vine cultivation and the production of high quality wines.

We use state-of-the-art technology that respects man and nature so we can consistently
offer wines that are seductively simple and elegant.

An Estate rooted in the past,
for a better future

Vigneti Le Monde is named after the locality where it is based. The name's origins date back to medieval times and most likely refer to the term Munda, which means "reserved land".

The first indications of the existence of the Estate date back to 1700 and to date it is the only rural period house still in use on lands which, at that time, belonged to Villa Giustinian, Portobuffolè.

Ever since Alex Maccan purchased Vigneti Le Monde in 2008, he has had only one objective in mind, to breathe new life into it. When he purchased the Estate, the winery was in need of modern management driven by strong passion and based on a clear vision.

Moreover, considerable investment was needed to upgrade the facilities, machinery and revitalise the land. Pursuing his dream of owning a winery in Friuli and having recognised the Estate's enormous potential, Alex with the support of his team set about renovating Vigneti Le Monde with an energy and enthusiasm that gave him a new lease of life.

Using its historic origins as a lever, and at the same time creating a business oriented towards the future, Vigneti Le Monde increased its potential and production; as a result, the Estate expanded from the original 20 hectares in 2008 to its current size of over 100 hectares.

100 hectares of paradise

One hundred hectares of vines in rows protected to the north-east by the Alps and refreshed by the sea
breezes of the Adriatic, wend their way over soils able to impart unique characteristics in our grapes and our
range of attractive, elegant wines.

The characteristics of a genuine "Cru".

The 100 hectares of vineyards, with some of the vines planted almost 40 years ago, feature a rich combination of clay and limestone, which differ from the more gravelly soils generally associated with the surrounding areas. For this reason, the soil at Vigneti Le Monde can be considered a genuine "Cru".

The vineyards feature rich soil able to produce wines that age well and are managed using the Guyot and cordon spur method of training, the perfect system for producing high quality wines.

Friuli's wine production know-how, which is passed down from one generation to the next, is in fact skilfully applied alongside well tested, cutting-edge technology and new methods of vine cultivation, to generate sustainable yields of 7-8 tonnes per hectare.

Let nature speak for itself

In Friuli strict wine production techniques are still rooted in the local culture; this is invaluable for anyone
who wants to produce high quality wines whilst respecting nature and getting the best from her.

Elegant, sincere and tempting

It takes a strong character to make great wines, and wine production requires dedication and perseverance. Giovanni Ruzzene, Head Winemaker at Vigneti Le Monde, possesses that strong character. He comes from a family that has been producing wine for many generations, making winegrowing and winemaking an integral part of his DNA. Our style and values cannot be expressed better than through his words.

"Although our Company uses modern techniques, we have always abided by the fundamental laws, that is, understanding and respecting nature. After all, the "human touch" can only go so far. Firstly, it's important to understand the soil and cultivate it as best we can and this can never be replaced by "science".

"The technology and innovation we find in the winery today are tools that assist in optimising production and maintaining strict quality standards. We combine natural, sustainable and rarely used cultivation methods with modern, tried and tested production technology.

"As a winemaker, I try not to overcomplicate the procedure. I'm open to experimentation but an excellent wine comes from the soil and not from a lab".

The quality and care we put into producing our wines is certified ISO 9001.

Quality system
Company policy

Environmental sustainability for a better world

Our commitment to the environment is key to everything we do. For us, conscientious farming and the high
quality of the wines go hand in hand. Making wine sustainably means preserving natural resources and
safeguarding the land and vineyards. Indeed, we do not use weed killers in our vineyards. The use of
renewable energy sources and SQNPI certification (Integrated Crop Management National Quality System)
guarantee our commitment and dedication to environmental sustainability.

Farming is a serious business

We take care of and protect our land with pride and dedication, cultivating it using future-oriented farming methods to promote the health of our vineyards and wines and applying state-of-the-art techniques that respect nature.

The health of the planet is fundamental to us. The commercial commitment and ecological principles we believe in will be able to guarantee sustainable production at Vigneti Le Monde both today and for the generations who wish to follow in our footsteps.

Vigneti Le Monde undertakes day in day out to measure and reduce its carbon footprint, which represents a truly sustainable reference in wine production.


Commitment to our land starts with us taking care of our natural surroundings, soils and vines, yet it is apparent in every decision we take: from refurbishing the business to our determination to using the sun's energy, right through to the packaging solutions we have adopted for our products.
These are some of the courses of action we have undertaken to work towards an increasingly comprehensive ecological footprint:

We do not use weed killers in the vineyard;
we till the soil and cut the grass as a means of controlling weeds.

We recuperate pruning residue
and use it to produce energy.

We maintain large areas of the Estate as woodland
to protect biodiversity.

We use bottles made from recycled glass
and packing materials from certified renewable sources.

We prioritise the use of heat pumps
and natural gas for heating buildings.

Almost all the electricity we use comes
from our photovoltaic panels.

We limit the use of products in the vineyard as far as we can by using only those recommended, in other words only products that promote and safeguard the territory. Every day we take another step forward towards environmental sustainability, creating an ever better relationship with the nature in which we live.

Our on-going commitment towards respecting the environment was recognised by SQNPI (Integrated Crop Management National Quality System) certification in 2018.

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