for the people

In the words of the owner, Alex Maccan, "We don't do what we do for the plaudits
of our profession. If critics endorse our product, that's great news, but truly,
we do what we do at Le Monde for all wine drinkers - for everyone - for the people".

Wine. A hug
in a glass.

Cantina Le Monde is becoming widely known for its natural, high quality, characterful Friulian wine, that creatively and passionately expresses its Northern Italian terroir. Our belief is that an enjoyable wine is an easily understood experience. A good wine is honest and true, it's fun, polite and respectful. It puts its arms around you and makes the day that little bit better.

And this is the character not only of Cantina Le Monde and our produce, but of Friuli and its people. If you are fortunate enough to visit this beautiful landscape that stretches from the foothills of the Alps to the Adriatic sea, you'll understand that the easy going nature of our wines, is very much reflective of the people and place. Yes 'a hug in a glass', we are happy that our wines are as simple, comforting and easy to understand as that.

Ancient land. New life.

Cantina Le Monde is located in Friuli, within the famous Grave del Friuli area
that extends from the foothills of the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.
The origins of the estate that once owned the farmland can be traced back to the early 1700's.
Today the winery is the only rural house from this period still operational in the area.

A farm for the future,
born from the past.

The name 'Le Monde' is taken from the Germanic-Latin word "Mundio", an ancient Germanic law that 'protected' the farmlands of the region. Historical decree is reminiscent today. Cantina Le Monde 'protects' and safeguards its vineyards, farming in a healthy way, that respects nature and the sustainable future of ancient soils.

Alex Maccan, has had a single minded mission since buying Cantina Le Monde in 2008. At the time of purchase, the winery was in need of passionate, visionary, modern-day management and significant investment to breathe new life into its buildings, machinery and land. Fulfilling a dream to own a Friulian winery and recognising the huge potential of the farm, Alex and his close-knit team have gone about the regeneration of Cantina Le Monde with an energy and enthusiasm that has seen what can only be described as a 're-birth' of this ancient winery.

Sensitive to historical provenance, though clearly creating a farm for the future, Cantina Le Monde aims to increase production potential by expanding land ownership from 20 hectares in 2008 to more than 70 in 2016. So it's an exciting time in this part of Friuli, though Alex insists that progress to date is just start of the journey!

70 hectares of heaven

The nature of the soil, the protection of the Alps to to the Northeast and gentle
cooling breezes of the Adriatic, combine with long days of bright sunshine to enhance
complexity, richness of grape extract and wine longevity.

Considered a "real Cru".

The 70 hectares of vineyards, with some vines almost 40 years old, are characterised by a rich combination of clay and limestone soil, differing from the more gravelly soil types usually associated with the Grave area. Therefore Cantina Le Monde's soil can be considered a 'real Cru'.

The nature of the soil, the protection of the Alps to to the Northeast and gentle cooling breezes of the Adriatic, combine with long days of bright sunshine to enhance complexity, richness of grape extract and wine longevity. The growing system used is the spurred Cordon and Guyot method.

Time-honoured Fruilian winemaking know-how, passed down through the years, is thoughtfully balanced with proven cutting-edge viticultural technologies and new ways of working to provide sustainable yields of 7 to 8 tons per hectare.

Let nature talk.

We are fortunate to live where uncompromising winemaking skills are cultural.
And if our provenance tells us one thing, it is to let mother nature do the talking
and to listen very carefully.

"Natural", intense, understanding.

Strong characters make great wines. Winemaking takes understanding and perseverance. Giovanni Ruzzene, Cantina Le Monde's Head Winemaker is one such character. He comes from generations of winemaking families. Viticulture and enology are deep in his DNA. Expressing our winemaking beliefs and style is best in his words.

He says "Though many of our techniques are contemporary, the basic rules of respect and understanding for mother nature always apply. After all, the 'human touch' can only do so much. Understanding the land first and farming it in the best way can never be replaced by 'science'.

So although as you look around the winery today you may think that tradition has been superseded by stainless steel tanks and cutting edge machinery - but it hasn't. All of those things help us maximize production and maintain rigorous standards of hygiene.

We are winemakers that blend often forgotten, natural farming methods with proven modern production technologies. As a winemaker I don't seek to overcomplicate the process. We may experiment along the way, but a great wine comes from the ground - not the lab".

So in short summary, we are winemakers producing natural, uplifting wines, that respect both nature and the tradition of our forefathers, but are equally inspired by a sustainable vision of the future.

The quality and care in the production of our wines are certified by ISO 9001.

Planet, place and people.

Environmental commitment is at the heart of all that we do.
We understand if we look after the land the land it will look after us,
and we also believe that responsible farming and high quality wines
go hand-in-hand.

Treading softly on the earth.

We are proud and privileged to be stewards of our farm. We see it as our duty to protect and nurture our lands in a way that is progressive and promotes the health of our vineyards and wines. As responsible residents our planet, our commercial endeavours and ecological beliefs will ensure the sustainable enjoyment of Cantina Le Monde today and for those that follow in our footsteps.

Naturally this commitment starts with the care of our surrounding nature and our soils and vines, but is also evident in every other decision we make, from our sensitive regeneration of the farm buildings and our commitment to solar energy, to the type of packaging we use to present our product.

As Cantina Le Monde grows in reputation and farmlands we will continue to work in harmony with nature, carefully measuring and reducing our carbon footprint in ways that set an enviable, sustainable, wine making benchmark. Our mindfulness of planet, place and people is our promise to our families, customers and neighbours.


These are some of the actions we undertook to reduce our carbon footprint:

We do not use herbicides in the vineyard and to control weeds,
we work the ground and smash the grass.

We recover the pruning residues
and reuse them for energy purposes.

We maintain large spaces as forest
to protect biodiversity.

We use recycled glass bottles and packaging
materials from certified renewable sources.

We prefer the use of heat pumps
and natural gas for space heating.

The electrical energy we need comes
almost entirely from our solar panels.

We reduce as much as possible the use of products in the vineyard using only those recommended, aimed to promoting and safeguarding the production area and the beauty of its landscape. Every day we take one more step on the road to environmental sustainability, for an ever better relationship with nature, the very nature in which we spend our lives.
Our constant commitment to respecting the environment has been recognized by the SQNPI certification (National Quality System for Integrated Production) in 2018.

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