Alex Maccan

Alex fulfilled one of his dreams when he chose to live on the Estate together with his wife Marta and two
children. Vigneti Le Monde is not only his business, it is primarily his home, a place where he can live in
harmony with nature and address the major challenges involved in consistently growing the business.

Owner of Vigneti Le Monde

Alex attended the Furniture and Design Institute, starting out in his professional career in the furniture components company owned by his father. At the time, he passed vineyards on his way to work every day and dreamed. In his heart he knew in fact that the family furniture components business was not what he was destined for. His grandparents on both sides were farmers and as a boy Alex spent a great deal of time with them. He adored the land.

One morning in 2008, he saw the "FOR SALE" sign on his way to the office. One of the estates he passed every day had been put on the market. The winery was called Le Monde and Alex wanted to find out more. The facilities and land required, to say the least, an ambitious investor driven by a keen passion and dedication. Alex realised that this was his perfect opportunity and a few months later he was the proud owner of 20 hectares of vineyards and an estate in need of renovation. After various acquisitions, in 2019 the Estate totalled 100 hectares under vine.

Work began immediately. The objective was to give the business a new lease of life. Since 2008, Alex and his team have devoted themselves to restoring the winery with an energy and enthusiasm that have breathed new life into this historic business.

Alex talks openly about his ambitions. "I am very proud of what Vigneti Le Monde has become today, but this is only the beginning of our journey. We export all over the world and, as well as in Europe, we have customers in Russia, Australia, China and the United States".

Ultimately, Vigneti Le Monde is not only about receiving consensus from our profession. If critics appreciate or endorse our products that makes us very proud, but we do what we do especially for people who love wine. For everyone, and we do it by investing in and encouraging excellent, and often experimental, cultivation methods in order to produce superb wines that everyone can enjoy and savour".

Alex's philosophy is based on value for money, offering high quality at the right price, and he continues in fact by saying: "My interest is in producing excellent wines that people want and can afford to buy. I would like as many people as possible to be able to enjoy a genuine Italian "Cru" at an honest price."

Massimo Furlan

Massimo works in close contact with Alex and his job is to develop the export sector through marketing and
maintaining relations with customers. Today the business has achieved widespread penetration of the Italian
existing markets and exploring lots of new opportunities in areas such as Southeast Asia and Russia".

Sales Manager

Massimo's career started in the fashion industry. Over a decade ago he changed his professional path, opting to explore his passion for winemaking. He was keen to move back to the country and a chance meeting with Alex Maccan presented the perfect opportunity.

Working closely with Alex, Massimo's responsibilities are focused on the export development of the business, taking in customer relations and marketing.

"It's an exciting time at Le Monde. We are expanding our existing markets and exploring lots of new opportunities in areas such as Southeast Asia and Russia", says Massimo. He goes on to explain that the more recent, wider acceptance of what he calls 'artisan soul', has opened many doors for Le Monde.

"Customers are now keen to hear our story. They love that we are true farmers, from an area of Italy that has a deep winemaking heritage. This history and knowledge combined with our modern-day production innovations, makes things exciting for us and interesting for them!".

Massimo lives just 15 minutes from the Winery, in a small village, where the values of rural community are still very much alive. He believes that this traditional 'understanding of humanity and nature' is what Cantina Le Monde harness, both in terms of its produce and ethics.

"We are true to our Northern Italian rural heritage in every way. Though our commercial outlook, market understanding and some of our production techniques are very contemporary, we listen closely to the past - literally.

More often than not our most useful critics come from the villages and people around us. They know the land, they know about wine - they've been brought up with it! They are true, honest experts, and it's fair to say, if we pass their scrutiny, we must be doing the right thing!".

Giovanni Ruzzene

"As a winemaker I don't seek to overcomplicate the process. We may experiment along the way,
but a great wine comes from the ground - not the lab! My aim is to produce easy drinking,
interesting wines, surprising and perhaps a little bit quirky in their Friulian simplicity".

Head Winemaker

Giovanni comes from a winemaking family. Viticulture and oenology are in his DNA. Since university graduation in 2002 he has been honing his craft.

"I live in Friuli. I love Friuli. It's the perfect place to live and perfect for winemaking. We are blessed with an ideal climate and geology. To the northeast we have the Alps and the Adriatic sea breezes are never far away to the southeast.

Winemaking is a beautiful, living craft that is and always will be a huge part of my life. I am pleased that with the state-of-the-art production methods Vigneti Le Monde has invested in, we are now able to make wines that were once known to be quite expensive, far more affordable, so everyone has the chance to experience that famous Friuli fruitiness!"

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